Women Fashion played vital role in Pakistani fashion even work at home but also abroad and influence the social and economic policies of the country and the rest of the world. This study posits that the more we know about Pakistani women and their lifestyle, the better prepared we can be for marketing activities, thus not only increasing the market share of Pakistani manufacturers but also helping them to be competitive on international level. Manufacturers and retailers should benefit from this study of women’s lifestyle and consumer behavior. This allows them to produce goods and services according to their tastes and preferences, thereby increasing sales. On the other hand, women’s satisfaction increases when goods are produced according to their needs. This study will therefore be of benefit to both. Due to their diverse roles, women not only influence their own consumption behavior, but also that of their children, husbands and close relatives. In most cases, women do the shopping for the family. Their purchases include groceries, groceries, clothing, etc. Changes in family relationships in Pakistan suggest that married women are becoming more active financial planners than in the past and that women’s labor market participation in is closely linked to the use of financial services. This increased participation in the labor market has led to a change in their way of life, leading to a change and an increase in the need for financial and other services. The study looks at leadership factors and brand awareness, purchasing methods, cost awareness and patriotism, negligence and retailer information factors. It aimed to show that leadership and brand awareness factors are inversely related to the purchasing variable for Pakistani products, meaning that brand-aware Pakistani consumers are less likely to purchase Pakistani products. Women who buy less Pakistani and more imported products are also expected to be brand or fashion conscious and leadership oriented. It should also show that the more brand and fashion conscious Pakistani women prefer imported products. The study adds another dimension to examining a segment of Pakistani consumers who are more likely to shop online, purchase products over the phone or by mail order. We hope that the study will validate the fact that Pakistani women’s lifestyle is changing over time, thus influencing their shopping behavior. The study concludes that older women in Pakistan are more likely to buy Pakistani products; On the other hand, the younger generation tends to buy imported products due to brand and fashion awareness and the desire for social acceptance.

Pakistani Fashion , Pakistani Fashion Industry